Best Spy Apps for Android Without Access to Target Phone

Best spy apps for android without access to target phone


The best spy app for Android without access to target phone can be quite many to choose from. The top spy applications are chosen based on several criteria, including their features, cost, length of free trials, general user ratings and reviews, money-back guarantee policy, and ability to function in stealth mode. The best mobile apps for spying on someone let users follow and keep an eye on someone else’s phone, such as parents, lovers, or bosses. These programs can track various smartphone actions, including keystrokes, phone calls, contacts, emails, calendar events, social media messages and activity, and text and social media messages.  Spy apps are created with specific objectives, such as employee monitoring, parental monitoring, or spying on partners or close friends.


The Benefits of Spy Phone Apps


  1. Parental Control: They can track text messages, internet history, and activity on social media. This information can be used to start conversations with kids about their online conduct and ensure they are not involved in any dangerous activities.
  2. Device Security: Spy software can locate lost or stolen devices, so to stop private information from ending up in the wrong hands, they can remotely lock or wipe it. This option can bring comfort to individuals worried about their mobile gadgets.
  3. Safety Concerns: By monitoring a family member’s whereabouts and alerting users if they enter or leave a certain area or an emergency occurs, spy apps can assist in safeguarding personal safety. For family members who are elderly or have medical conditions and who might require assistance, this function can be useful. But, it’s crucial to respect privacy while using such apps.

Here are the top spy apps for Android and iPhone :

1. EyeZy:

Eyezy Spy app

With Eyezy, you can monitor a variety of victim Android actions, including calls, GPS position, web messenger activity, social network activity, etc. On the targeted mobile phone, it also gives you the ability to take screenshots.


● You can view the target phone’s gallery and media content using this covert phone tracker app.
● One of the greatest covert spy apps for Android, it includes a keylogger that records keystrokes made by the target.
● It enables you to watch various social media platforms, including Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Kik, Hangouts, Instagram, etc.
● Considered among the top free hidden spy applications with GPS location tracking capabilities.


● Has a keylogger that displays every piece of information copied to the clipboard.
● Precise monitoring of browsing history.
● Data sync speed is excellent and displays sent/deleted messages.

● Shows no bookmarked pages.
● Social media updates are not always reliable.

2. FlexiSPY

Flexispy Android app for spying

For PCs, smartphones, and tablets, FlexiSPY is a covert phone tracker. You may spy on a computer or a mobile phone with the aid of this spy phone app. Additionally, it offers a hassle-free hidden mode remote installation solution.


● It has parental control options.
● The target phone’s owner can have Flexispy monitor their online activities.
● Utilize the ambient recording feature to capture the environment.
● You may remotely snap pictures on target mobile phones with this free spy tool for Android that is undetected.


● It has a stealth mode.
● Enables tracking of user log-on and activity.
● Allows you to transmit remote commands to the target from the internet.


● Not a cheap spy app.

3. Hoverwatch

Hidden cell phone tracker app
Parents may use the covert spy software Hoverwatch to obtain regular reports on what their children do and where they go. Furthermore, you can monitor several devices using the same account.


● On the target device, capture SMS.
● You can listen to and record cell phone calls.
● Monitor your social media applications, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Snapchat, Hangouts, Skype, Instagram, Tinder, Viber, and Kik.
● It facilitates monitoring internet usage on mobile devices.
● View the calendar and contacts on a mobile device.


● You can use it to root the intended Android device.
● Both sides of the call recording can readily be heard.
● Frequently capture screenshots of the intended subject.
● A labour-intensive manual installation process.

4. mSpy:

mSpy - Best spy app for android

One of the top spy applications for Android & iPhone is mSpy. It makes it simple for you to observe your target’s actions remotely. You can easily check all of their SMS and instant messages. You can use this hidden spy app to view the GPS location of your spouse’s device or kids’ activity.


● Unsuitable websites might be blocked on the target mobile device.
● Seeing call records, text messages, and phone calls on the target device is helpful for call tracking.
● Geo-fencing will provide location notifications for you.
● Observe messaging services like WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, and Viber.


● Modern program with a simple user interface.
● It aids in the detection of online bullying.
● Only advanced tools require rooting or jailbreaking.
● You can read SMS text messages that are sent or received.


● The ability to record in surround sound is not available.
● Your Android device must be rooted to monitor Instant Messenger.

5. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor - Best Parental Monitoring app for Android 2023

Keystrokes, internet visits, phone conversations, screenshots, and other activities can be recorded with the help of the user-friendly parental control program iKeyMonitor. On Android and iOS devices, this surveillance tool can prevent the download of particular games and apps.


● Monitoring WhatsApp messages on the target device is possible.
● Instant notifications are available on the specified gadget.
● Offers the option to restrict specific apps and games.
● Additionally, keystrokes can be captured using this tool.


● This Android spy app provides more sophisticated spying features, including the screenshot function.
● It lets you read the user’s text messages and view their call history.


● If you want to return something, there will be an additional handling fee.
● Your online browsing history is not accessible.

6. PcTattletale

Employee & Child Monitoring Software - pcTattletale

With the mobile spy program PcTattletale, you can spy on a target device and monitor emails, conversations, social media posts, instant messages, websites visited, and more. You may also follow real-time locations with it.


● You may monitor target device activity from a computer or phone with this free spy tool.
● This App allows you to download recorded videos.
● The app has an intuitive interface.


● Even while you are offline, you can still record video.
● remotely accessible, real-time screen view of the target phone.
● Every day, this free Android spy app monitors phone usage.


● Only after two months since you cancelled your subscription will you receive a refund.

7. Cocospy:

Cocospy- Spy app for android and iPhone

You can track apps, texts, calls, and whereabouts using Cocospy. You may look at saved contacts with this, one of the greatest mobile spy apps. It makes it possible for you to monitor your children and employees.


● Monitoring is possible for both phones and tablets.
● Full keystroke collection is enabled on the Android target device.
● You have the capability to listen in on private and public chats alike.
● The app provides access to all images and videos stored on the target device.


● The target device is monitored with a keylogger to identify offensive words.
● Verifies all communications and social networking apps on the target device.


● Some devices require rooting to function.
● It doesn’t take screenshots.

Conclusion :

This was the complete package of finding out the best spy app for Android without access to target phone. however, all of these also work for iPhones. Cell phone spy apps can be quite helpful for parents who want to protect their kids from potentially harmful online content. People in business can also utilize these apps to safeguard their corporate interests similarly. These are the only justifications for using such software; it is crucial to remember that. Every other motive can potentially harm your relationships or possibly have legal ramifications. Decide why you want to use spy software.

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