What Is Quickstep On My Android Phone?

Sometimes there are applications on our Android devices that are in-built and running in the background but we are not aware of them. A few such applications have also been accused of sharing our data. While all of them are not the culprit, there can be some issues that are primarily caused by such applications. Noticing such an application that runs in the background without our knowledge, can raise the question “What is Quickstep on My Android Phone?”.

Some of you might also have encountered the same issue. It can be a horrifying thought because of the spying app incidents. So, let me provide you with a complete guide about the application.

What is Quickstep on my Android Phone?

What Is Quickstep On My Android Phone?

Here, I’ll refer to the one developed by Sonata Technology, initially designed as a document presenter for those who needed to share service manuals with several people. For example; product technicians or attendees of various conferences.

College students, freshly graduated individuals, and teachers can use it for distributing reading materials or manuals to students.

First, it was made available to Android users on their smartphones on Google Play Store and then later on, for the iOS users. The app worked for Android 4.1 or later versions. But after the 9.0 version or above, it started to come in-built into Android devices as a default app. The task of the app was to provide a better user interface.

It was released on March 12, 2017, and last updated on September 19, 2017, which raises questions about its sustainability. It undoubtedly has many unfixed issues.

However, if you have a Nokia device then the Quickstep app installed on that is the launcher app which is responsible to assist the device in providing a better interface. There have been problems noticed related to this application. People have neither been able to uninstall this app, nor been able to disable it. This application can be the reason for the unresponsiveness of your screen. No need to worry, if you are facing the same problem too. We have the answer to your headache.

Can the Quickstep Access my Personal Information?

This app cannot access your “GALLERY APP” and “CONTACTS” saved on your device, but it does require permission to have access to your “CAMERA”, “STORAGE” and “NETWORK CONNECTIONS”. There have been instances where people did not feel comfortable with the application having requested access to the “CAMERA” application, in such cases, you can deny the permission and grant access to only “STORAGE” and “NETWORK CONNECTIONS”.

Can the Quickstep Access my Personal Information?

After its installation, a pop-up notification would appear on your screen asking permission to access your photos, media, and files on your screen. In case, you feel safe with the application, you can click on “ALLOW” or otherwise you can “DENY” to the same and later tap on “DO NOT ASK AGAIN”. But then you won’t be able to use the application efficiently and later on would feel that the app is of no further use. It is better to “FORCE STOP” it in that case.

Why Do I Need Quickstep App on My Android Phone?

This application is of great help to students, readers, publishers, collegegoers, conference attendees, business peers, and several other individuals who have an interest in reading on digital platforms.

Quickstep is a fast way to deliver a bunch of instructions, PDFs, images, videos, or any other media in a way that is easy to access for the users.

Also, if your device has the Quickstep app which is a launcher, then it is a mandatory application for your device to operate. Your Android Phone cannot work without a launcher. You can install a third pary launcher by downloading it from the “GOOGLE PLAY STORE”, if you do not feel comfortable with the Quickstep Launcher.

How to Customize the Home Screen on Quickstep App Launcher?

There are numerous complaints about the usually provided interface of the Quickstep App Launcher. Let me inform you, that you can always customize the Home Screen as desirous.

  • Move App Icons:

The icons of the applications can be moved from one slide to the other by long-pressing them and then dragging them to your desired location. You can also make the folders of the applications belonging to the same category and give them a name. For example, online shopping applications can be combined and put together in the same folder.

  • Add Widgets:

You can also change the widgets and adjust them as per your needs. To do so, you will have to long-press the empty space present on your screen. The option to “ADD WIDGETS” will appear on your screen, from where you can pick the applications of your choice and add them to the widget.

  • Change Wallpaper:

Bored of your usual painted wallpaper? Here’s the solution. It is often observed that customers like to display there own picture on their “LOCK SCREEN” and “HOME SCREEN”. That is also something you can do easily by going to the “GALLERY” section of your device, and choose a picture of your liking.

Is Quickstep on my Android Phone a Spying App?

No, Quickstep by Sonata is not an app that is responsible for spying on its users. There are applications available on the Play Store with the same name which face accusations of conducting malicious activities.

So, what about this mysterious Quickstep app?

The in-built application on the devices was the one accused of being engaged in spying activities. The device which is responsible for spying  is the in-built one that might have been installed by some hacker, resulting in rapid drainage of battery power and heating up of device, having access to your private information.

However, this Quickstep issue is not related to the app responsible for document sharing.

How to Fix Quickstep App Launcher on Android Keeps Stopping Issue?

What Is Quickstep On My Android Phone?

It is very frustrating when while reading a document, your device’s screen starts freezing or not responds to the touch. This can happen because of the launcher of the system keeps stopping. You can choose to FORCE STOP the app at your convenience, if this issue happens with you. The below listed step by step process can be followed to deal with this issue:


The first step would be to find another suitable Alternative launcher on your phone to ensure that your device keeps working.


Then you will have to download that launcher on your device and install on your device for the smooth working of your smartphone.


After the installation of new launcher on your device, you will need to go to the “SETTINGS” and locate “DEFAULT APPS”.


By clicking on “DEFAULT APPS” the “HOME APPS” will appear on the screen and from there you will have to select the new launcher as the default launcher.

How to Uninstall Quickstep from My Android Phone?

The application that comes in-built with the device which is a kind of launcher or a house-like icon, is suspected of malicious activities, then it won’t be possible to uninstall it. But you can always “FORCE STOP” or “DISABLE” the application.

How to Uninstall Quickstep from My Android Phone?


However, you need to FIRST install a third-party launcher from the “GOOGLE PLAY STORE”Make it the default launcher app before disabling the in-built one, because an Android device cannot run without a launcher.

You need to follow the below-listed steps to deal with this application:

  1. First of all, you need to start with installing a third-party launcher on your device. One of the most popular of such launchers is NOVA APP LAUNCHER.
    Nova Launcher App
  2. Click on “HOME” to arrive at a screen showing a prompt on launchers. If it does not appear on your screen, then go to “SETTINGS” and search “DEFAULT HOME APPS” or “HOME APPS”.
  3. A list of launchers will appear on the screen. Then you have to select the newly installed launcher and make it the default one.

    Lauchers in Android

  4. After enabling the new launcher, we can locate the Quickstep app to disable it.
  5. Click on the Quickstep icon and “DISABLE” the app.


We can conclude that the application Quickstep was responsible for reading and viewing documents. The one that was responsible for conducting mysterious activities was a different application. You can deal with that application with the help of the steps given above.

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