What is Tivimate Companion on iPhone?

Tivimate Companion iPhone

Tivimate Companion iPhone [iOS, MacBook, Apple]

Are you searching for a smooth way to manage your TiviMate Premium IPTV experience? Then, we are introducing the Tivimate Companion App, a virtual companion made to make your life easier. This app is essential if you consider going premium with TiviMate (TiviMate Premium Account), as it helps handle things related to the TiviMate Lifetime Subscription.

Whether you’re looking for a yearly subscription or a lifetime of uninterrupted streaming, the TiviMate Companion iPhone covers you. So, be ready to make your IPTV experience more manageable and time-saving.

TiviMate Companion IPTV Player

If you’re a TiviMate IPTV user and, by chance, you’re using a device that does not support Google Play, then be ready for a surprise. Tivimate for iOS is an app that lets you unlock all those premium IPTV features you adore—no Google Play or problem. 

This app provides you with complete control over your activated devices. So, along with elevating your streaming game, it also gives you the perks of handling your devices like a pro. Furthermore, in this article, you’ll know why and how the TiviMate Companion will revolutionize your streaming experience. For more reference, read How to Pay for a TiviMate Premium Account.

Tivimate Companion iPhone IOS

Tivimate Companion iPhone iOS

If you love the experience of Tivimate on your Android device but cannot experience the same premium features on your iPhone, then there is no need to worry! Tivimate Companion is primarily for Android devices, but you can still enjoy its experience on your iPhone. Here’s how:

1) Get your IOS device and tap on the App Store. Then, type Tivimate Companion on the search bar.

2) Now, hit the Get button, which will automatically download.

3) Now, further open the downloaded app on your device and follow the instructions in the app.

To be noted: To make the most of the Tivimate Companion app on your iOS device, you’ll also need an Android Device with the same app. This app syncs with the Android version to unleash all the hidden good features. So, ensure you’ve also got the Trivimate App running on your Android phone for the best experience. 

Tivimate Companion APK

TiviMate Companion APK

Are you a Tivimate by Armobsoft FZE fan who wants to level up your streaming game?

Then, Tivimate Premium APK is for you! The Tivimate Companion app is mainly used to unlock the premium features on your device without Google Play. 

The Tivimate Premium APK is the real deal for a better experience. It lets you explore many features, like advanced channel lists, live recording TV, and EPG guides. You can have a personalized streaming experience at your fingertips. Now, get the app to make this a reality!

Tivimate Companion features for iPhone.

Now, talking about the Tivimate Companion Features, here are some of them:

First, it has a sleek and intuitive user interface; it is designed for big screens, too. Do you have multiple Tivimate playlists? No need to worry; Tivimate supports that, too! So that you can switch between your channels with ease. 

The scheduled TV guide update means you no longer wonder what’s next. The guide updates itself to keep you in the loop. You can also mark channels as your favorites if you want to! 

What if you missed your favorite show? Don’t worry—you can easily catch up by going back and watching it. Also, there’s a search feature, so there’s no need to scroll endlessly to find that particular channel—type it in, and you’ll get it!

If you want your frame to be techy, you can adjust it according to your device with the help of auto frame rate; it automatically does this, making a smooth view for you. Customizable panels also allow you to tailor the interface to your needs. Also, you can manage your favorite channels effectively with the help of Favorites Management. While multitasking, you can watch multiple channels simultaneously with Multi-View or even present a Picture in Picture.


What is a Tivimate Companion?

It is an app made to unleash the Premium features of the Tivimate IPTV player for devices without Google Play. It is not the IPTV player but enhances the main app.

Is Tivimate Companion available for IOS?

No, as it is primarily an Android device, you’ll need an Android phone with the same app to use it best in IOS.

Does it support multiple devices?

Yes, it does. You can manage your activated devices, making it easier to change gadgets when necessary.

What is the cost of using this app?

This app is free to download, but its primary function is to enable you to purchase Tivimate Premium Subscriptions.

Can I use Tivimate Companion for Parental Control?

While the Tivimate Companion doesn’t offer this feature, the leading app does.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the TiviMate Companion iPhone is your first choice for unlocking the features of TiviMate iOS IPTV on devices without the help of Google Play. What makes TiviMate so unique is its device management and time efficiency. Now, you must be thinking about how to download it on iOS. Well, it’s as simple as it gets. Just follow the steps given in the outline of this article. So what are you waiting for? Get TiviMate Companion now and level up your streaming game to another level.

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