How to Remove WhatsApp Calls From iPhone Call Log

How To Remove WhatsApp Calls From iPhone Call Log

Are your WhatsApp calls also appearing in your phone call logs? Don’t worry we have got you covered. WhatsApp’s messaging service began in 2009. During the initial years, it only allowed users to send messages, files, images, or share locations. However, with technological advancement, it added more features, such as sending voice notes and having … Read more

How To Solve “Enter Password To Unlock 30/30 Attempts Remaining?”

"Enter password to unlockĀ  30/30 attempts"

Receiving the message “Enter password to unlockĀ  30/30 attempts” can be confusing and frustrating for Android users. Sometimes, users forget their password or get locked out of their device; therefore, this security feature has been designed to prevent unauthorized access to your Android device. This message is a sign that you have made multiple incorrect … Read more

How To Refresh iPhone

How To Refresh iPhone

Is your iPhone feeling sluggish or cluttered? Do you also need clarification about how to solve this issue? Don’t worry we have got you covered. iPhone users may sometimes need help with issues when their devices or apps are not responding on time. In such a case, it might be time for a refresh! However, … Read more

How to Name a Group Text on Android And iPhone

How to name group text on Android and iPhone

How to Name Group Text on Android And iPhone In today’s fast-paced world, where everyone is busy with their personal and professional life, it sometimes becomes difficult to manage or keep track of group conversations. In such a case, naming your group text can be a game-changer. Naming your group text will make organizing and … Read more

How To Remove SOS From Android Lock Screen

How To Remove SOS From Android Lock Screen

Android provides users with an outstanding “Emergency SOS” feature if they require help. People are likely to carry their Android phones in case of emergency. This feature lets you share your location with your emergency contact number and can let you record video quickly by pressing the power button five times or more. This article … Read more

Can Android Users See When iPhone Users Read Their Texts

In today’s digital world, communication with different smartphone users is effortless. However, Can android users see when iphone users read their texts? And the simple answer to this is – No. This only works when an iPhone user is communicating with another iPhone user using their default messaging app, iMessage.At some point, Android users have … Read more