How To See My Child’s Text Messages On iPhone

How do I see my child’s text messages on my iPhone?  A scenario familiar to every modern parent as kid’s obsession with texting increases your dying urge to catch a glimpse of “what is it that they’re texting? If you decide to monitor your kid’s text messages, you will be cornered by your moral compass. This article will help you explore their text messages effectively and considerately.

How To See My Child's Text Messages On iPhone

Balance Between Parental Vigilance and Child’s Privacy

GenZ has been shifting its communication primarily to text. Parents must acknowledge the risks or hazards that their children can encounter and also take preventative steps to address these issues in advance. Also, while pondering whether to supervise their child’s phone or not, parents should be prepared by taking into account the following measures to make a wise judgment out of it.


Sustain some level of engagement with your child’s text messages, either through active supervision or by encouraging regular conversations about their exchange of words via text. In addition to preventing threats, supervising your child’s texts also helps you ensure that the content they’re viewing is appropriate and suitable for them.

Confidentiality and Independence

Upholding a firm grip of control can hamper your child’s growth of independence and essential life abilities. Hence, it’s crucial to maintain a balance between Parental control and the child’s privacy. Instead of monitoring every message, you can use spot checks, which are tracking services for mobiles, alerting you regarding insensitive or concerning content in your child’s iPhone.

Potential Dangers Involved

How To See My Child's Text Messages On iPhone

Till now, parents have become mindful of the risks involved with this text messaging. We are presenting some insightful concerns that parents need to be aware of to safeguard their children’s privacy.

Inappropriate Content

Parents have acknowledged receiving inappropriate images from their children without being asked for them. So, awareness must be created regarding the explicit content being sent to various people.


Text messages are involved as a standard surface where a substantial number of children experience cyber harassment.

Group Conversations

Although group conversations can be a good platform for social interactions, parents have noticed that it is also a platform that can expose them to toxicity and can dominate the sleeping schedule of children.


The increasing number of scams has led to parents exercising vigilance and creating awareness among their children regarding the scams involved through texts on their iPhones.


Parents are also concerned regarding the hazards involved from predators who exploit children’s information and target them using strategies like catfishing.

Ways to Monitor Your Child’s Message

Should I Read My Child's Text Messages?

By this point, you might be pondering on the fact that texting is risky, but the question remains, “How do I see my child’s text messages?”

Well, there are a few methods-

• If your child has an iPhone, you can open their iCloud account on a different device and read the messages. However, in this method, you must go through each message manually.

Bright Canary – with the help of this app’s advanced methods, you can monitor your child’s YouTube and social media accounts.

There are other apps like Bright Canary, but this often seems to be unreliable or user-friendly.

Apple’s Family-Sharing Features

Apple’s Family Share feature (know more) grants you control and the ability to establish boundaries like blurring inappropriate images or enabling the location. Supervising your child’s phone by using parental features is helpful, but at the end of the day, you have to talk to them about the events they’ve encountered to be a guide and educate them on these sensitive issues.

How to Approach Your Kids

How to Approach Your Kids

To keep your kids away from harm, the most important thing is to establish a feeling and framework of mutual trust.

Here are some tips on how to do so:

Respect Your Child’s Privacy.

The first rule is that you should respect your child’s privacy and know the fact that they have their own social life. If you fail to do so, they will most likely not approach you if they’re in trouble. How will I read my child’s messages and respect their privacy? Well, it is as simple as it sounds: “Let them know beforehand.” Sure, it might be possible that they’ll not like it, but it’s still much better than doing it behind their back.

Establish Transparent Guidelines

Be subtle and upfront when you go through your child’s text messages. To your child, you should be clear about red-flag concerns like bullying, depression, and any involvement with predators.

Applying a Digital Device Contract

After you’ve talked your child into allowing you to read their text messages, do consider writing them into a digital device contract. This step may feel less significant than the other steps, but it helps to solidify expectations on both sides.

Assisting the Kids

After your child allows you to read their text messages, the next step is to teach them to text safely. Some ways to help your child text safely are given below:

Communicating With Them

Communicate to your child regarding the risks involved in text messaging, educate them to create awareness so that they can identify troubling messages in case they receive them, and encourage them to open up to you in case they need any help.

Fostering Open Communication

You should help your child understand and let them know that if they are in any trouble, you will always be there to protect them and guide them to the right path.

Checking Their Phone

You should check your child’s phone once in a while and establish terms and conditions for using their device. Let them know that you’re on their side and that you are only checking their phone to protect them from scams and risks involved in these text messages.

Commonly Asked Questions

How To See My Child's Text Messages On iPhone

Is there any app for kids that enables safe chatting?

There are a bunch of apps that help you in reducing some concerns related to your child’s privacy. These apps don’t allow strangers to text them and disable them from causing any trouble.

At what point in time should parents consider not checking their kid’s phone?

Determining the appropriate point of time for parents to consider not checking their kid’s phone entirely depends on the maturity level of their child and their trust in the parents they have. As the children grow, they also demand some privacy. Hence, parents need to give them some independence over time, which enables them to build a strong parent-child relationship and foster their growth by holding them accountable for their actions while the parents reduce the checking of kids’ mobiles.

What are some approaches to supervising my child’s iPhone?

You can track your child’s text messages on your iPhone with the help of Google Family Link.


Though texting offers your child social interactions and provides a platform to nurture friendship, parents must supervise their kids’ mobile phones and text messages and also create a balance between supervision and fostering independence, which will help maintain a secure atmosphere for your child.

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