How to See Deleted Messages on Instagram – A 2024 Guide

If you have accidentally deleted a critical Instagram text, you should understand how recovering deleted messages on Instagram can be a helpful tool. Deleting meaningful conversations with someone on Instagram can be frustrating, as you may need these messages for future use. Therefore, knowing how to retrieve messages on Instagram is valuable, as it can save you from embarrassment or even legal disputes.

What Are Deleted Messages?

The Deleted messages on Instagram include messages that have been accidentally or purposely deleted by either of the two people sharing a particular conversation. These messages can be anything, such as text, photos, videos, or other types of media, and once deleted, you will not be able to access them unless they are backed up somewhere.

There are two ways to delete a message through Instagram; the first is the manual way, i.e., selecting one message at a time and deleting it or deleting the whole chat. The second is when Instagram automatically deletes messages based on certain criteria, such as the amount of storage available on the platform or the age of the message.

There are different methods for handling and managing Instagram. First, it does not retrieve deleted messages once they have been eliminated, which means retaining messages directly from Instagram is impossible. On the other hand, you can access the data if you have backed it up by some third-party service (like iCloud or Google Drive).

Methods to Check Deleted Messages

How to See Deleted Messages on Instagram - A 2024 Guide

Here are some tips and tricks on how to retrieve Instagram messages on Android IOS: 

1) Unlock the App Store on your IOS and seek an external recovery app like EaseUSDr. Fone, or MobiSaver 

2) Install any of the following apps and set it in motion.

3) Then, attach your device to your computer to recover the data of your device.

4) Follow the instructions on the screen and select Instagram as the app to recover the data.

5) These external apps will examine and inspect your device and present the deleted messages for you to recover.

How to View Unsent Messages on Instagram

Here is another procedure to retrieve your deleted Instagram messages:

1) In the first step, ensure you have downloaded the most recent version of Instagram on your IOS.

2) Open the Instagram app and Click on the paper airplane symbol at the top right of the home screen.

3) Seek the conversation for which you have to recover the deleted messages.


How to See Deleted Messages on Instagram - A 2024 Guide


4) Long press on the conversation you want to recover, and additional options will pop up.

5) Click on unsend message, and then proceed by confirming your message.

6) The message will be removed from the chat box, but stay assured that you’ll be able to recover it again.

7) Now, close the app 

8) Long press on the Instagram app.

9) Choose to select the “Notifications” and then proceed to opt for “direct messages” on Instagram.

10) you can then view the unsent messages you deleted from your conversation.

Possible Challenges One Might Face

1) There might be an issue with viewing the Instagram deleted messages if you did not install the more recent version of this app.

2) If the messages you have to retrieve were deleted a long time ago, you might not be able to recover them, as Instagram only stores messages for a specific duration.

3) Your work might be delayed if you have a poor network connection.

4) If you’re still unable to view the messages, you should try restarting your app or device to see if the issue resolves.

5) But if you are still unable to recover your deleted Instagram messages, it may be possible that these messages were not recoverable. Sometimes, Instagram’s policies and procedures can be complex to use.

Recovering Deleted Instagram Messages through Apps

1) Install an application to recover your data from the Play Store. Some variants that you can download are DiskDigger, Dumpster, and MobiSaver.

2) Launch the app on your Android device.

3) Grant the apps the essential permissions to examine and recover your deleted files.

4) Choose “Instagram messages” when asked the “type of file?” 

5) Let it analyze your Android to recover the deleted messages.

6) Once the analysis is done, you will see the deleted messages you can recover from this app.

7) Opt for the messages you’d want to retrieve and safeguard.

8) It is necessary to understand that the rate of retrieving these messages depends on the duration of the deleted messages. If they are overdue, it may be impossible to recover them.

Possible Challenges One Might Face

1) Retrieving deleted messages on Instagram may not always be possible because if the duration of the deleted messages is longer than the period before Instagram permanently deleted them, they are unlikely to be recovered.

2) The external applications you have used to retain messages suitable for your Android might also cause issues while scanning and analyzing your device.

3) Some external data recovery apps might harm your device in return for backup.

4) Retrieving deleted messages from third-party backup apps might breach Instagram policies and result in banning your Instagram account.

5) Some applications for retaining deleted messages can ask for paid access.

How to Download Your Instagram Data

Ways to locate the deleted conversations

Here is a comprehensive guide to teach you the process to view the deleted conversations on Instagram:

1) Launch the Instagram on your device and click on your profile.

2) Access the menu by clicking the three lines at the top right.

3) Go to settings and then proceed to “Privacy”.

4) Navigate and click on the “Data Download” on your screen.

5) Fill in the required information and then access the “Request Download.”

6) Instagram Support will email you a link to all the data you need to download.

7) After retrieving your data, go to your messages and check whether the conversation you wanted to recover is there.

8) Finally, tap on the message and navigate to the message you want to recover on this app.

Other Approaches to Use

By the Use of External or Third-Party Applications

How to See Deleted Messages on Instagram - A 2024 Guide

Many applications are available on both the App Store and Play Store that help you recover your deleted data. Still, you have to be a bit more careful while using these applications because they can harm your device.

Get in Touch with Instagram Support

Instagram support

If you’re facing issues retrieving messages alone, you can contact Instagram for help by simply sending a request. They will then provide a link to recover your messages and retain backup.

Examine Your Email

Check your email

Instagram may have already sent you the deleted messages in your respective email. Hence, you should analyze your email first before proceeding with any attempts to recover the messages.

Possible Challenges 

It’s necessary to analyze and consider the challenges that you might face while using these other methods to recover your messages:

Utilization of External (Third-Party) Applications

Some external apps might be misleading. They can ask you for your Instagram sign-in details, which could result in losing your Instagram account.

Get in Touch with Instagram Support

This procedure could be time-consuming, and it could also be a bad option for you to give your details to Instagram because it may ask for your data, which could breach your privacy.

Examine Your Email

It could be a problem for you if you share your email with Instagram or any third-party apps because anyone with the login credentials can also access your email and your Instagram notifications. So, it would be best to be careful when giving away your details for concern.

Measures to be Taken 

Here are some measures to be taken to cope with your messages:

Capture a Screenshot

If you get a message that you think might be notable and important regarding this issue, please capture a screenshot of it.

Stay Calm

If an important message has been deleted, you need not panic. Instead, you should request that the sender send it again.

Examine Your Message Request

Often, the messages that you are trying to retain might end up in your message requests; hence, you need to examine this carefully in the first place.

Store Archives

If you don’t want to misplace a particular message, you can archive it as it is obtained at any time.

Get in Touch with Instagram Support

Last but not least, Instagram support can help you a lot with deleted messages on your device because they are the only ones who can restore and recover deleted messages.


Recovering deleted Instagram messages can be frustrating, so we’ve created a complete guide to resolve the issues effortlessly. Following these steps will help you decide the issue. However, you must know the potential risks of using these methods to prevent future problems. By considering these steps cautiously, you can efficiently recover your deleted Instagram messages.

Commonly Asked Questions


What are the ways to find the messages that have been deleted on Instagram?

The first is to use third-party applications, and the second is to contact Instagram support to retrieve your deleted messages.

How do you check the freshly deleted messages on Instagram?

Once Instagram messages are deleted, they are irreversible and cannot be retained after a certain period before Instagram permanently deletes them.

Are there any applications that help view deleted messages?

Some of the external applications declare that they will be able to help us and also assist in retrieving the deleted Instagram messages. However, often, some of them appear to be fraudulent apps.

Can I see the deleted message from someone else’s mobile?

No, if you have deleted the message once, you cannot view it from your or any other person’s mobile phone.

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