What is ChocoEukor Bloatware?

Bloatware pertains to the applications that are already present on our devices. Numerous bloatware applications are helpful to the end user. On the other hand, many catch up with the space on their device and keep messing up with their smartphones. After witnessing the presence of the ChocoEukor application on a smartphone, you might wonder, What is chocoEukor Bloatware?

ChocoEukor bloatware is pre-installed Android software. It is also popularly known as RoseEukor and CoolEukor. This application was first noticed on Samsung smartphones, and later on, MI (XIAOMI) also started to put it on their phones.

What is Bloatware?

What is Bloatware?

Whenever we purchase a new device, we can notice some already installed applications present on it. Those applications might help run smartphones smoothly. Also, some not-so-useful applications hinder the device’s performance.

It is not a cakewalk to get a device functioning smoothly and unaffected. For the same, some applications are given with the device, for example, Calculator, Music Player, Phone app, SMS and Maps, etc. Can a device work for us if these applications are not present on it? NO!

On the other hand, some apps acquire the storage space of the device. Such applications can be turned off or “FORCE STOP” at the end user’s convenience.

What is ChocoEukor Bloatware?

What is ChocoEukor Bloatware?

ChocoEukor is a bloatware app on several Android devices. This application helps people type in the Korean language. It has different fonts for the Korean language knowers. This application is appreciated by Koreans and other people who use the Korean language to communicate.

Indeed, this is an application that has made people’s lives easy. During the early stage, only companies that originated from South Korea used to provide this application. Later on, the stupendous multiplication of the craze for K-dramas led other companies to include this on their smartphones.

Samsung is a Korean company that has always prioritized the Korean language, and we appreciate its effort to promote its native language. Still, people having no relation with the Korean language, find it useless to be present on their devices and delete it later.

Is it Safe to Use ChocoEukor Bloatware?

In 2019, reports were surfacing online claiming that ChocoEukor steals its client’s private information. All of this is NOT TRUE at all!

All the bloatware apps are first approved by Android before the installation process begins. After getting appropriately verified and concluding that the application would not engage in any malicious activities, the installation process starts.

ChocoEukor is an application that supports Koreans to type their characters in various fonts and designs. This application does not read through your personal information from any other application.

Advantages of ChocoEukor Bloatware App

People who are Korean speakers appreciate this application on a large scale. And people, who do not speak or use the Korean language always uninstall it. It has proven to be of great help to Korean language learners and has added value to their lives.

Disadvantages of ChocoEukor Bloatware App

We have seen the greener side of the grass, and now comes the grey part.

Storage Space:   

This application cannot exist in a no-space zone. It takes a considerable amount of space for this application to run smoothly.


A notable amount of RAM is needed for the effective working of the application. While this application runs in the background, it can acquire the RAM, causing the device to heat up. It can slow down the performance of your device, and you can also encounter situations where your screen freezes.

Battery Drainage: 

This application, running in the background, might affect your battery drainage percentage, causing your battery to drain out more rapidly than usual.

Data Consumption:

ChocoEukor is an application that can be upgraded on its own by using mobile data. This can become a problem for the person who has a limited data plan because you’ll have to pay more for your data.


Should I Remove the ChocoEukor App?

People who find it hard to deal with the disadvantages of the ChocoEukor App can always choose to uninstall the application.

Also, if you are finding it hard to operate with this application, you can always try out any other third-party applications available on the GOOGLE PLAY STORE. You will have to first delete this application, and later go on with the application that you have installed on your device.

How to Delete the ChocoEukor Bloatware App?

If, after knowing everything about this ChocoEukor Bloatware, you have come to realize that you do not want to keep it on your device, then you can use the following methods to remove the ChocoEukor Bloatware application:


Using USB Debugging:

System Debugging

It is easy to use this method to remove this application by using the straightforward approach listed below:

  1. Click on “SETTINGS”.
  2. Locate “USB Debugging”.
  3. Activate the “USB Debugging”, if not active already.
  4. Find the USB Troubleshooting section.
  5. Switch on USB Debugging.
  6. Switch on OEM unlocking.

By Rooting:  


What is ChocoEukor Bloatware?


There is one more technique by which you can delete the program, i.e., by rooting your smartphone. Follow the steps listed down below:

  1. Download any rooting software to begin the process.
  2. Start by launching the program on your computer.
  3. Start the software until a good network connection has been established.
  4. Using a USB Cord, join your device. Verify if the gadget is charging correctly.
  5. Follow the instructions coming into your sight on the screen.
  6. After the rooting procedure, plug out your device from the computer.
  7. Reopen the device.

Using System App Remover:

What is System App Remover?

The application remover makes it pretty simple to remove the app from the device. If you use it to eliminate specific apps, you will not have to worry about removing essential data. You will have to follow the steps provided:


  1. Download the App Remover from “GOOGLE PLAY STORE” and activate it on your smartphone.
  2. After installing, you’ll see the list of every application installed on your device.
  3. From the collection of applications appearing on the screen, remove ChocoEukor by clicking on “UNINSTALL.”
  4. Then click “YES” in the confirmation popup, which confirms if you are deleting the application abruptly or intentionally.



The ChocoEukor application has proved its worth to Korean language speakers and the natives. It has been operating on a large scale for the last few years. Still, some part of the population might feel it to be of no use and want to delete it from their device to free up the space and RAM for swift functioning of the device. We hope that we offered you an insightful article and presented you with the answer that you were looking for.

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